With The Compliments Of HIPAA Journal

Our first focus is security, so we go above and beyond to keep your records safe so you don’t have to. PurpleCloud™ can assist your company in keeping up with industry best practices, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and meeting insurance needs.

HIPAA Journal Checklist
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Secure & Compliant

We take stringent administrative, physical, and technical precautions to guarantee that our operation and our software abide by all pertinent HIPAA rules. Our top goal is always keeping your data safe.



  • Image Security Risk Assessment
  • Image Privacy Standards Audit
  • Image HITECH Subtitle D Privacy Audit
  • Image Security Standards Audit
  • Image Asset And Device Audit

Secure Account Access

To keep track of the activities in your account and prevent unwanted access to information, each employee is given their own login details and account rights. Integrated two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security.


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